We have been located! Updated Lake & River Maps + New Numbering System

After a few years of effort HLSMR is pleased to let our members know have nearly finalized updated lake and river maps for our area.  The last update we have for our lake and river map was in 2009, so we are pleased to have brought our mapping efforts into the digital age for 2016.  HLSMR will be producing a lake and river map with the traditional topographic backgrounds many of us are familiar with,  along with a relatively accurate location of most structures on the lake and river system.  We have been asked for these updates for some time now, as i know the current maps are becoming more and more difficult to track down.  

As part of the new map series, we have also come up with a new numbering system that will give each unique structure on the lake a unique number that is sequential, starting at 0 near the marina and accruing  as you move to the north east up the lake and east down the south magnetawan.  The new numbering system which will be used for 'lake' and/or 'river' information  (this does not replace Plan or Lot numbers) to assist in emergency situations and general navigability of our waterway.  The concept was introduced a couple summers ago at our annual general meeting so that we can work with members to have signs created that could go on a visible part of your property (such as a dock) to assist with being found in case of emergency. We first had to come up with a reference (a map) that would allow us to move to the next phase of getting signs reviewed and acquired.  We are well on our way!

Maps will be available this summer at the marina and we will pass on details as we finalize them.