2016 Cottagers's Association Meeting July 31, 2016

We had an excellent 2016 meeting.  We made some core changes to the structure of the association in terms of how it will handle finances going forward in addition to having our first ever association pulled pork BBQ which sold out in under 1 hour.  We also provided a demonstration of our main fire pump and its operation from within the fire boat.  Some highlights of the meeting include:

  1. Moving the budget year end from July 8th to December 31st to better represent our income and expenses in a given year.
  2. Raising our association fees to $50 per year to help with ongoing operational costs of the emergency equipment maintained on the lake. 
  3. We will be publishing our finances on the website so that all members can see, month by month, our current financial status.
  4. The presentation of the first updated lake map with new lake and river wide numbering system since 2009.
  5. Vote to have the cottagers association purchase dock signs for every cottage on the water to correspond to map numbering system for assistance in emergency and general navigability of the water.
  6. Discussion of the huge success of the septic pump out program. In addition to saving over $350 off an individual pump out, thanks to the 25 cottagers who participated this year, we successful eliminated nearly 17,000 gallons of waste from the shorelines of our lake and river.
  7. Introduced our first ever BBQ following the meeting to allow the community to socialize with one another and the board.
  8. Identified volunteers for the bake sale occurring during the corn roast this year.

A huge thank you goes out to Harris Lake Marina for providing the venue to host our meeting and BBQ, and also the donation of all the drinks for the BBQ.  Many of the things the association does would not be possible without the marina so please take a moment to thank them. 

We received a donation from Art Price who provided us with $30 for each septic pump out participant that utilized his services to install new septic filters.  We thank everyone who participated, once again, in that program.

A very successful meeting this year, and a huge thank you to everyone who attended!

2016 Meeting Agenda

2016 Meeting Minutes (Coming Soon)

Our treasurer, Dan Walda, serving up pulled pork and hotdogs for hlsmr's sold out bbq

Everyone tried out the lake's main fire pump.  Great to have experience with it before emergencies occur