Septic Maintenance

In keeping with the environmental mandate of the Cottager's association we will once again be working with local contractors to assist cottagers in getting their septic systems pumped out this summer.  There is a form you can fill in online to let us know that you are interested, and once we hit a critical mass, usually around 7 septics, we move forward with a route plan and a specified date to get them all done in a single visit.  

A well kept septic system is critical to protecting our environment and to keep your plumbing running freely through the summer season.  One of the misconceptions is that you only need to pump septic tanks once they are 'full'.  This is true, as the lack of space will cause a backup, but understanding that a septic is comprised of  a leaching bed, in addition to the tank, that allows the liquid from the tank to seep into the proper soil type is critical to the internal organs of your system. If a tank is overfilled (with solids) the baffles that allow the liquid to leach into the surrounding soil will become clogged and the expense of having your septic pumped will seem very minor in comparison to replacing the entire system.  All new septics installed going forward do require a special baffle that helps prevent this from happening, but most systems on our lake and river pre-date this.  They can be installed after your system has been in use, but it does require this work to be completed immediately after having the septic emptied (for obvious reasons).  If you would like more information please contact the information officer and he can put you in contact with local contractors who can assist with this work.  

It is generally recommended that you have your tank inspected and pumped around the 5 year mark to keep it running smoothly.  The objective is to discover a potential problem before it escalates.

In light of this post, here is a link to the FOCA article on good septic maintenance.