Henvey Inlet Wind Centre

As many people have already noticed, there is now some empty space near the end of the marina road where forest used to stand.  Although we have been expecting this for some time with the expansion of Highway 400 to Sudbury, this right of way has been cleared to support the transmission of power from the Henvey Inlet Wind Centre (HIWC).  The HIWC is a 300 MW wind farm located entriely on reservation land near Henvey Inlet (just south of French River).  The project will entail 87 wind turbines with transmission lines that will connect to the main grid near Oastler Lake by Parry Sound.  Some links of interest to the HLSMR area are located below:

Henvey Inlet Project Site

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Natural Heritage Assessment: Records Review

Transmission Line and Corridor Environmental Review

Final Environmental Assessment