Tiny Tick Carries a Big Stick

Recent reports have shown an increase in the number of human cases of Lyme disease in Ontario according to Dr. Curtis Russell of Public Health Ontario[1]. Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria called Borrelia Burgdorferi and is passed on to humans through the bite and gastric secretions of the black legged (also known as deer) tick. It may also be transmitted by some other varieties of tick. Ticks are found in grasslands and woodlands and hitch a ride when an animal passes through. These ticks are tiny -as small as a sesame seed – varying between 1mm to 5mm (or up to 20mm when engorged). When people are infected they often have flu type symptoms – headache, fever, achy, muscles, & joints, red sensitive eyes and nausea; also a local rash in the shape of a circle. If you ever have a rash like this go to the Doctor right away as it is diagnostic for Lyme disease and early treatment is crucial. If you find a tick, carefully remove it including the head with tweezers and take it to the Dr’s office to be sent for analysis.  If you haven’t found a tick or a rash but have persistent symptoms including “brain fog” and extreme fatigue get examined right away. It is curable if caught early. Otherwise it may cause life altering troubles.[2] For more information please check out this link: www.canlyme.com (Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation).

Rena Edwards


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[2] Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation