Bell Communications Tower Update

On March 13, 2014 members of the Cottagers' Association Board met with Bell Communications and the Archipelago Planning Board to discuss the siting of the new Bell Communications Tower. The planning board has given their letter of concurrence to Bell with the following stipulations:

  • Bell will install a 100 foot temporary tower at the Marina location for no more than 12 months
  • The permanent tower will be built at the public dock site
  • The tower cannot exceed 70 meters (230 ft)
  • Bell will try to create a tower that will not require lighting
  • The tower cannot be augmented by Bell or any co-locating company without a letter of concurrence from the Archipelago Planning Board.

Once the Archipelago Planning Board receives the final map depicting the new location of the tower, a copy of this letter will be prepared by the Planning Board and will be posted on the HLSMR website.