Email to Bell Mobility

Bell Mobility Inc. ℅ Haseeb Amirzada
P.O. Box 52429
524 Queen Street West,
Toronto, ON M5V 2B0
August 22,2013

Dear Haseeb,

I am writing to you as the secretary of the Harris Lake and South Magnetawan River Cottagers’ Association Inc.  Bell Mobility is planning on putting the above mentioned 76 meter tower approximately 50 meters from the Harris Lake shore on the property of the Harris Lake Marina. At our Annual General Meeting on August 4th, an overwhelming majority was strongly opposed to this location. The unsightly tower with both white and red flashing lights will be visible from most cottages and from almost anywhere on the lake. This area has been designated a” Government of Ontario Wilderness Canoe Route” and a tower in this location at the waters edge would detract very much from the natural wilderness aspect and beauty  of the lake. It would detract from the cottage experience at Harris Lake.

Other reasons to oppose the location:

  • It has not been integrated into the environment.
  • It would be in a campground just a few feet from campers and cottagers including children.
  • No environmental assessment would be done although it borders on wetlands.

Rogers has a tower 4 kilometres from  Harris Lake just off the Harris Lake Road. This location is great. It is unobtrusive and close to invisible from the lake and cottages. Why can Bell not use the Rogers Tower or at least a similar location even if the tower has to be larger? Size  would not be an issue at this location .

John Woods of Bell Mobility was present at the General Meeting and he admitted that other locations further from the lake were a viable alternative. He promised to consider these alternatives and report back to us.

The association strongly urges you not to proceed with this location.

Thank you.


Rena E. Edwards, Secretary
Harris Lake and South Magnetawan River Cottagers’ Association Inc
57 Acredale Drive,
Carlisle, ON L0R 1H